Reflections Eternal¬Talib Kweli

Reflections Eternal¬Talib Kweli

Wrestling with this…and i know for a fact spent 4 semesters more than these inspirational leaders spent in pocket change[cynical bear with me]…but as i debated with a good friend, not more than a day ago at a plush Kigali Office – i decided to be the better man and swallow my pride…points where made by TeamArno and i got…”his a brilliant nod” to encourage me…

not before been told…go back for more school…okay more school…not a coward ready to take on a challenge but can i be recognised and respected for what i have achieved so far no matter how little…

left the discussion having decided what i wanted to do…in my been quiet stance,it allowed me to step into my spacious plush “Nothing box” and reflect….lets talk 15 years on after this rat race is nearly fully run…check me on that!¬Bigg Arnie


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