Cookie Jar

Caught in the cookie jar???? i will pretend i’m not…enjoy the read!

The footsteps to real love


When a man and woman are attracted to each other and begin spending time together, the excitement between them builds over time, the pleasure of torching and caressing is recognized:- stirring up passion and before they can tell the man is headed for the cookie jar. A woman is torn apart between thinking with her heart or her brain. But as I like to say when the emotions check in the brains check out and the jar is vulnerable.

You are not worth selling off your cookie for a brief thrill, perhaps some momentary of pleasure, do whatever it takes to keep that mans zipper up. That is the sole reason you ought to take up an oath for  “purity pledge,” even when you’re not sure how you will make it with an amorous  man at your disposal.

It is important to guard…

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