BBC world have your say [“Stop Kony”]

in my opinion; the fact that we are debating the Stop Kony movement…that on its own is a good sign of things to come…by that i mean the world now knows Kony and the war that is now active in the DRC and that it is no longer a forgotten war as was the case during the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 were soon after the OJ trial began the world forgot (i hate comparing the two but forgive me for that, its not my intention to trivialize the death of close to a million Rwandan people)


U dont know me!

Act like u know…blog or nothin dawg!…”U..[very moving words from T.I..i rapper i greatly admire]

i have alot of rappers from ATL or the south that i like…i.e. Nelly, Bun B…to name but a few